Wilmon (Bill) W. Worth
 Jack Fleetwood - English Channel Anchor Recovery Team member! Wilmon (Bill) Worth- English Channel Anchor Recovery Team member!


 ?, Bill Worth, Harry Ely, and Jack Fleetwood taking a little R&R in New Orleans

Benfield, Hudson, King, Worth, Fleetwood, Johnson   Whittles, Cress, Olson, Moore
Across top: Benfield, Hudson, King
Bottom up: Worth, Fleetwood, Johnson
 Across top: Whittles, Cress, Olson Bottom: Moore

? and W. Welsh                                         Johnson, Hotmer, Stamey
 ? and W. Welsh  Johnson, Hotmer, Stamey

Supply Crew

Ship's Supply Crew

kneeling l-r: Boyd, Hands, Reap, Rzucidio standing l-r: Coppola, Sewell, Snook, Magro, Young

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