Wilmon (Bill) Wilden Worth, Jr.

Bill served in the U. S. Navy Reserve during W.W. II. After enlisting for the duration in July 1943, he was shipped to Bainbridge Naval Training Station, in Bainbridge, Maryland. Upon graduation from boot camp he traveled a short distance to the U.S. Naval Amphibious Training Base located in Solomons, Maryland. Recently it was discovered that Bill was also sent to Great Lakes Navy Base for Anti-aircraft gunnery training.

Having obtained all the training the Navy could provide and still meet its ultimate goal to expeditiously prepare sailors for a raging war, Bill shipped out to Evansville, Indiana to serve as a Coxswain on LST 493. Until April 1945, he served on the Landing Ship, Tank in the States and Europe. The 493 made over 30 landings in France, including the Normandy Invasion, while supporting Operation Overlord. Unfortunately, LST 493 was eventually grounded on the outer breakwater of Plymouth England Harbor; thus, all of the ship's crew was dispersed to other duty stations.

 W. W. Worth Standing
For the balance of Bill's military service, he served aboard AKA 96, the U.S.S. Mathews in the Pacific Theater. In March of 1946, after returning with the ship from Korea to Norfolk, Virginia, he traveled to Jacksonville Naval Separation Center and was honorably discharged.

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